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— Geoff Trussell, executive director, Coastal Sustainability Institute

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Mississippi River Keeps Flooding and Humans Are to Blame, Data Show
by Allie Nicodemo

Transforming the Mississippi River to its current state has been like domesticating a wild wolf. The river today is generally calm, easy to navigate, and friendly to people living and farming nearby. But without billions of dollars in engineering over hundreds of years, we’d be dealing with a...

Northeastern Co-Hosts Capitol Hill Briefing on Coastal Sustainability
by Jason Kornwitz

Northeastern co-hosted a Capitol Hill briefing on coastal sustainability on Wednesday afternoon, convening a panel of stakeholders to discuss the threats facing coastal communities and the best practices for keeping them secure.

Science and Politics: Finding Common Ground
by Thea Singer

Science and politics: The relationship is hotly debated in the news these days, with both lawmakers and the public noting a great divide between support for research among Republicans and Democrats.

But two papers by Northeastern researchers point to a subtler—more conciliatory—...

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Amount oceans contribute annually in value-add to the world economy


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